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PAR38 light bulbs are reflector type bulbs widely used in a variety of applications that require general area or directional lighting, such as track lighting, recessed can ceiling lights, retail display lighting, or general household light fixtures. PAR38 bulbs utilize a hard glass lens and integrated reflector, and are commonly made in halogen, compact fluorescent, and LED versions to varying degrees of energy efficiency and performance specifications.

PAR38 is a coded designation in which PAR stands for Parabolic Aluminized Reflector, and 38 is the number of eighths of an inch across the front diameter of the light bulb, meaning a PAR38 is 38/8ths of an inch, or 4.75 inches wide. PAR38 bulbs are generally suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

PAR38 compact fluorescent bulbs are regularly used in place of halogen or incandescent light bulbs for applications where energy savings are preferred. CFL PAR38 bulbs come in a variety of color tones, including 27K warm white, 41K cool white, 50K full spectrum daylight, and 65K true daylight. The strongest and longest life halogen PAR38 bulbs use rigid quartz capsules and cooler gases to reduce heat and enable lifespans up to 6,000 hours. Speciality versions of PAR38 halogens provide brighter, whiter light than standard halogens and are called Spectra Brite Display Halogen PAR38s. Newer LED PAR38 bulbs provide nearly 90% energy savings compared to halogen bulbs, low heat emissions, and lifespans up to 70,000 hours. Older incandescent PAR38 bulbs have plug in bases and are called Side Prong PAR38 bulbs while the newest light source to utilize the PAR38 lamp type is metal halide. However, Ceramic Metal Halide PAR38 bulbs are not self-starting and require a compatible ballast and fixture for safe operation. Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) bulbs provide high lumen output for superior brightness along with crisp, bright white color and are popular in retail store environments.

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